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    2019年6月托福独立口语考情分析 - 谭哲谦

    作者:谭哲谦 2019-06-27 17:59 来源:武汉编辑

    作者:北美考试院 托??谟镒?谭哲谦


    本月有四场托??际?,可以说几乎每一场考试都考到了和校园场景相关的话题,比如6月1号问道学校应该为社区做点什么:举办音乐会、开放图书馆、还是提供学术课程。其实都可以把此类话题谈到这些校园场景,比如图书馆、音乐会等,给人带来的益处和作用。所以可以从万能理由“improve people’s education level”或者 “reading can provide more opportunities”展开话题。比较难的话题是6月15号的,动物该不该被像人类一样得平等对待。正面思路可以从“生命”这个角度入手,说生命都是平等的,若是反面观点,可以从动物的危险性和未进化文明性入手反驳。


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    20196月1日TASK 1


    Which is the best way for universities to help communities?


    1. Hold a concert for free


    2. Open its library to public


    3. Provide university-level courses


    I definitely think that university should open its library to public for free. for one thing,


    Local people can get a chance to read. Library helps local people figure out the complexities of the life. Because reading builds self-esteem. Reading about the diversity of the life and revealing yourself to new ideas helps to widen the creative side of the brain. For students, on the other hand, I think they can also get some precious opportunities to get in touch in with local people. They can communicate with people in the city. This is important for the future career because they can learn how to blend in the society in this way.


    TASK 2


    Do you agree or disagree that freshmen and sophomores should live in dorms?


    I agree, Students are most likely to stay at a college when they feel like they belong. This sense of belonging has a direct impact on a college's retention rate and graduation rate. When new students live off campus, they are less likely to get involved in campus clubs and activities, and they will have a harder time making friends among fellow students. When a student lives on campus, the college has an easier time helping out when students encounter trouble on the academic or social front. such as how to deal with disagreement how to select the courses.


    20196月15日 TASK 1


    Your friend failed on a job interview. What advice do you have for your friends to help?


    First of all, I will encourage my friend to keep the confidence for the next interview. There are lots of reasons to get a failure in an interview. Commonly, interviewers make the rejection is just because the interviewees do not satisfy the needed of the company, although the interviewee is excellent in other aspects. Moreover, we would better to make a conclusion from this failure. Learning from the shortcoming exposed from this failure can help us success in next interview. We can pay attention to some professional knowledge or foster a better behavior during the interview. Thirdly, one interview can help us better understanding the career we are looking for.


    TASK 2


    Do you agree with the statement that all the animals have the right to be treated and respected as people?


    I agree with the statement that all the animals, including human, are equality. First of all, there is no different between humans and all other animals. All animals, including humans, are made up by the protein, driven by the sugar, deliver DNA/RNA to the offspring. Each kinds of animal make contribution to the biological diversity. Additionally, although other animals are not so smart as the human beings, they have the feelings. Every creature with a will to live has a right to live free from pain and suffering, which means we should not treat one animal as the companion while treat the other one as the dinner. Therefore, all animals deserve the equal treatment as human beings.


    20196月16日 TASK 1


    The student Union is going to organize a program to attract new students. Which one of the following programs should they choose?


    1. Studying abroad


    2. Internship


    3. Scholarship


    I suggest the student union to organize an internship, so that new students are willing to attend. First of all, almost all the students need a job after graduation, and the internship can help them to obtain a better position. An internship can not only help students to practice their professional skills, but can teach them how to deal with personal relationship in the real society, which is an important skill for the employees. Also, most of the companies have payment for intern. It will ease their pressure from the tuition fee, if students can get an internship. Based on those merits, it is a good idea for the student union to organize an internship to attract new students.


    TASK 2


    Which of the following places would you like to choose when discussing a serious topic with your friend or colleague?


    1. Public places like a café.


    2. Private places like home.


    I prefer to have a discussion about a serious topic with my friends in private places. First of all, there is no strangers in my house. It is not necessary to consider about the feeling of strangers around us in private place, so that we can say anything we want, and that is essential to get a profound understanding about the serious topic. Secondly, we can conveniently get any help in the private place. We can sit in a comfortable sofa and take the discussion. We can have food from the kitchen when we are hungry. We can search on the computer when all of us are confused about a question. Thus, I would like to choose a private place to hold a discussion with my friends.


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